Cutting out malicious nodes, carefully.

What happens when a validator answers with a "randomness" hash that does not match its own hash? Or when a validator creates an invalid block with invalid transactions? Or when a validator can't create a block before reaching the network's time limit?

Misbehaving nodes suffer consequences. Since Validator signatures are required at protocol level, if a Validator tries to break the rules, it's possible to know who it is thanks to the signature, and "slash" it from the network.

At the moment the biggest problem is a group of Validators being "slashed" and halting network activity. This can be solved by adding extra conditions to the network - for example, if the network wants to change the current block creator (in case it's been "slashed"), at least 90% of the Validators in the network have to sign a transaction consenting with the change, always maintaining the majority's consensus.

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